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Lisbeth Sereza

Lisbeth is a self-taught visionary-artist based in LA and originally from Peru. 

She loves painting in oil, creating digital art, writing songs, singing, playing the guitar, making music videos, creating fine talisman-jewelry designs, designing couture conscious-fashion and motivational speaking as her way to thank our divine creator for each day of life. 


Since a very early age, Lisbeth has had vivid visions of other worlds and dimensions. And it wasn’t until later in life that she felt the urge to paint them. As a musician, she also began to write songs based on her art and is currently working on recording her next album with songs based on her paintings. Lisbeth calls this blend of instruments from the Andes and modern instruments and synthesizers effects along with cosmic mystical lyrics "Ethereal Pop"

Lisbeth will be leading the "Creativity in Action: Workshop" 


We are all born in the image & likeness of the Creator and we are all designed to create! Lisbeth is a recording artist, painter, jewelry & clothing designer and entrepreneur and she manages to do it all as a single mom of 2 boys! 


She will share her empowering story and share some of her beautiful creations to inspire and activate the creativity within us all!


You can check her site here

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She-She O'Donnell

She-She (Sheila O'Donnell) is Founder and Event Producer of LA Conscious Events. She is a Singer- Songwriter with several albums on Spotify, and has worked as a professional Intuitive Life & Relationship Coach for more than 20 years.


She-She loves helping

people experience clarity of purpose, peace of mind,

and loving relationships.


She specializes in helping people move through blocks and release fear, so they

can live the highest version of their lives that is most in alignment with their soul.

She-She will be leading a heart-centered meditation at Mystical Winterfest as well as sharing some original music.

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Stellar Wellness


Chanel first discovered yoga outdoors during a hike at Runyon Canyon Park, Ca in 2009.  Curious and intrigued by the breathwork, poses, and movements, she began taking classes anywhere and everywhere it was being offered and immediately fell in love with the practice and recognized it's many incredible benefits on the mind, body, and soul. ​

Chanel understood right away yoga is not just exercise, but a way of life and this spiritual philosophy transformed her outlook on life and the way she interacted with the world around her in a positive and deeply meaningful way.​

In 2019, Chanel completed her 200-hour Hatha Teacher Training.  Understanding that everything is energy, her interest in the Chakra system and how energy moves throughout the body and affects our well-being, inspired Chanel to further explore other modalities of healing, and in 2020, Chanel became an Usui Reiki I & II Practitioner under Reiki Master Teacher Niki Cozmo in Malibu, Ca.  In 2022, Chanel deepened her Reiki energy healing practice and became a Certified Reiki Master.​

With an educational background in Anthropology, Chanel weaves

this perspective into her work, understanding that the evolution of humanity, collectively, is intrinsically connected to the evolution of our inner selves, individually.​

Chanel uses a natural, holistic approach to helping others on their own unique path to healing from the inside out.

 Chanel will be offering a gentle yoga flow with reiki group attunement at the

Mystical Winterfest


Clairity Celestiana

Clairity is a gifted clairvoyant and vocal alchemist.  She channels healing frequencies and energy medicine through powerful operatic vocalizations which aid recipients in activating their own voice, strengths and inner knowing.

Clairity loves all forms of self-expression, and enjoys contributing her divine gifts to community, Mother Nature and feels an especially strong connection to animals.  She developed a beautiful line of natural products which support overall wellness, helping people heal their bodies with nature-driven herbs and tinctures made with abundant love and pure intentions.

Clairity possesses the gift of mirroring, and reflects back to others their light as well as their shadows, offering each person she encounters an opportunity for incredible growth and healing as they walk the path of self-awareness and ascension.

Clairity will be offering a beautiful selection of organic teas at Mystical Winterfest.



DaShira's love for photography and capturing people’s essence birthed the concept of Embodiment Photoshoots. These photoshoots are a manifestation tool, used to empower people to show up and see themselves in their most beautiful, uplifted state. She invites all of her clients to show up confident, in their power, and ready to embody the energy of exactly who they are and how they want the world to see them.  From the Embodiment Photoshoots, the idea of the SuperPower Goddess Oracle Deck came to life.  DaShira started inviting women to show up in the photoshoots as goddesses, to declare themselves the goddess of something (such as empowerment, gratitude, compassion), and they each were given a unique goddess name that she created for them.

As this goddess photo series started to develop, DaShira realized the goddesses needed a voice. And what better way to get their uplifting messages across than with an Oracle Deck? And so it is!

Her stunning oracle deck will be available for purchase at the Stargate event. Be sure to visit DaShira's table to experience the deck and receive a free

personalized oracle reading!

DaShira will also be hosting the Inner Child Expressive Dance Workshop, where we'll all be

encouraged and supported in embracing our most authentic and joyful expression through artistic movement.


Dean McDermott

Breathwork Facilitator for Conscious Community Global • Drug & Alcohol Counselor • Dad of 7 

Actor • Comedian • Chef

Dean McDermott is a dedicated Breathwork Specialist with a

passion for helping individuals achieve inner peace, physical

well-being, and mental clarity through the power of conscious breathing.  He has honed his skills

in various breathwork techniques, including mindfulness-based approaches, Trauma Release exercises (T.R.E.), and more. 


Dean’s journey into the world

of breathwork began when he discovered the transformative effects of this type of therapy

in his own life.  Since then,

he has committed himself to sharing this knowledge and

helping others achieve the peace awarded by this special practice. 


Whether you are seeking stress relief, improved focus, enhanced cognitive lucidity or simply a

deeper connection to your inner self, Dean can guide you on a path to self-discovery and help you amplify your innate healing capability.

Dean will be offering a guided breath work meditation workshop at Mystical Winterfest.


Luna White Horse

Luna is an indigenous medicine woman, known as the

"White Witch"

of the Arawak Nation.


Luna has been following the path of sacred medicine since childhood under the tutelage of her father, a shaman and priest, and her tribal elders, who instilled in her a strong faith, deep understanding and reverence for the traditional healing modalities passed down through her lineage for countless generations.


Luna is a gifted intuitive healer, wisdom keeper, spirit channeler, herbalist and sacred ceremonialist.


She honors her heritage and the beautiful, enigmatic culture of her people through dance, song,

and by leading lovingly curated ceremonial gatherings and retreats.


Luna will be guiding us in an immersive sound healing journey for Mystical Winterfest, as well as a beautiful cacao ceremony with direct-trade, single-origin, organic, vegan cacao provided by

Arcana Apothecary Co.

Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 6.21.33 PM.png

Healthy & Hydrated

Lite bites and high-vibe beverages will be provided by the very sweet Ariel, who is known for creating beautiful and healthful culinary and mocktail-inspired creations that are sold at various Farmers Markets throughout Southern California.

Her delicious vegan goddess sandwich, adorable cupcakes, wholesome muffins and tea-based beverages along with optional wellness boosters will be available for purchase.



Starseed Circle

Calling all fairies, goddesses and mystical creatures! Starseed Circle is your source for the most divine and magical adornments for your beautiful form. Come explore the collection of hand-crafted wearable art infused with positive energy, love and light.

Crystal-embellished headpieces and crowns, sparkling necklaces to compliment the spirit of the person wearing them...

a mystic's dream!

Come adorn yourself in something extra special that you'll cherish for years to come.  Each piece is skillfully designed and truly one of a kind.

You can find Starseed Circle's incredible collection available for purchase.

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