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Lisa Custard

Lisa will grace us with her artistic prowess, showcasing not only her dance and captivating art but also enchanting animal sculptures and heart-shaped stone artifacts from across the globe.

Leading a Chakra Flow Dance, she'll weave the resonance of Tibetan Singing Bowls into the rhythm, while rose petals delicately cascade through the air, accompanying her movements with a unique instrument called the tamtar.

With her background as a back up dancer for J Lo, Rick James and Soul Train, Lisa is the perfect facilitator to guide this powerful and transformative dance experience that promises to liberate any stagnant energy within, from the root to the crown chakra, fostering a profound connection among all participants. Your soul will surely rejoice as you release all that holds you back!

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She-She O'Donnell

She-She (Sheila O'Donnell) is Founder and Event Producer of LA Conscious Events. She is a Singer- Songwriter with several albums on Spotify, and has worked as a professional Intuitive Life & Relationship Coach for more than 20 years.


She-She loves helping

people experience clarity of purpose, peace of mind,

and loving relationships.


She specializes in helping people move through blocks and release fear, so they

can live the highest version of their lives that is most in alignment with their soul.

She-She will be blessing us with her beautiful voice, and leading the "Activate Your Divine Creativity" Workshop at HeART Expressions.


Lisbeth Sereza

Lisbeth's journey into creativity began amidst the picturesque landscapes of her childhood in a small Peruvian village. With no access to electricity or television, she found solace and inspiration in the natural world, witnessing the divine expressions of beauty in the clouds, sunsets, and the myriad colors of nature.


From shimmering fish in subterranean rivers to the twinkling stars above, she felt a deep connection to the presence of God in everything around her, finding safety and protection amidst the turmoil at home.


Her keen observations led her to see the world as a manifestation of divine artistry, where even the sparkle in an animal's eye or the dewdrops on leaves contained a kaleidoscope of beauty. Lisbeth learned to cherish nature as the ultimate wealth, finding richness in the purity of well water and the simple joys of life under a tree's canopy.


Despite the challenges of her upbringing, Lisbeth's creativity blossomed, fueled by her deep bond with the natural world. Through painting, singing, and storytelling, she sought to share the infinite joy and beauty she found in nature, urging others to reconnect with the earth and embrace their divine birthright to happiness.


As she paints, Lisbeth sings, allowing her artwork to transport her into endless realms of imagination. Each stroke of her brush is imbued with a song, echoing the harmonies of the world she sees within her mind's eye.


In a world overshadowed by materialism and pollution, Lisbeth encourages us to embrace our innate creativity and celebrate the beauty of our humanity. By honoring the divine essence within ourselves and in the world around us, we can access limitless joy and healing, one brushstroke at a time.


Marcia Araujo

Marcia Araújo was born in the mystical lands of Brazil, where her lineage traces back to a grandmother revered as a powerful healer. For nearly three decades, she has graced the shores of the USA, infusing her essence into the energetic tapestry of this vibrant country.


With over a decade immersed in the realm of energy work, Marcia channels her passion into harnessing the potent vibrations of high-end crystals, believing fervently in their transformative and healing capabilities. As a beacon of light, she holds a sacred certificate in sound healing, using the harmonious frequencies to uplift and heal those around her.


Venturing further into the realms of spiritual awakening, Marcia is a Kundalini Activation Facilitator, guiding seekers on a profound journey towards inner transformation and enlightenment, she weaves her magic, empowering souls to rediscover their true essence and embrace the radiant energies that flow within and without.


Not only is Márcia is a dedicated Kundalini Activation facilitator, but she is also as a practitioner of this process that has been life changing.



YOZMIT is a singer-songwriter, performance artist, and designer. She created *Yozmit The DogStar*, her goddess archetype who embodies both The Sacred Feminine and The Sacred
Masculine. Since 2014, she has combined self-awareness and art practice in the form of songs, costumery, and performance to spread *Yozmit The DogStar*’s message of queer liberation which she calls *DoYou*.

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Aryana Castel

Aryana Castel is an actor, vocalist, performer and sound healer who brings the medicine of beauty and vibrancy through her songs. As a bilingual artist and speaker she invigorates, unites and empowers through her voice. 


She is also a master make up artist and founder of her company, "Goddess Make Up for You". She truly believes there is a Goddess ready to emerge in each and every one of us.


Private Parties

Aluna Lua


Aluna Lua is the co-founder and CMO of the multimedia company Ascension Arts. She works as a performing artist, speaker, creative director, business mentor and expert ceremony guide.

Lua is a medicine woman from Brazil and was raised as a classical dancer in the country of Sao Paulo. After decades of training in multiple modalities of solo dancing and theater, Lua now lives in Los Angeles and serves her community as a ceremonial vocalist, partner dance instructor, graphic designer and psychedelic integration coach.

As a successful entrepreneur, Lua has developed a passion in teaching business for Brazilian Zouk instructors, music recording for ceremonial musicians and branding for visionary creatives.

She has supported hundreds of artists and healers to develop their business and generate sustainable wealth while creating beautiful art in the world.


Dust of Soul

Dust of Soul are award-winning intuitive musicians & POSITIVE MUSIC POWER artists. Psychic medium & intuitive singer Dusty & high-vibrational pianist MiKey channel together lyrics, vocals, piano to make the soul HEARable and receive messages.

Dusty is a paralyzing brain stroke survivor. Channeling came to her as she healed herself through the vibration of her voice within three days.

In their 11-year professional career as performers, Dust of Soul journeyed around the world (Europe, North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, India, the United States) to share their originals and channeled music to positively impact audiences – they even had the chance to channel and perform for the Sultan of Oman in the capital city Muscat’s Amphitheater.
Dust of Soul are “Positive Music Power”. As intuitive musicians they create music based on energy.


As for singer Saskia Stäuble (professionally known as “Dusty”), this comes from a miraculous event she experienced just one week before her 30th birthday when she became a paralyzed brain stroke survivor. In this exact moment, she gave herself the promise to follow her inner voice. Through this promise she healed within three days only through the vibration of her own voice. She experienced first hand that music is pure healing.


Today, she devotes every minute of her life to music. It became her purpose to share music from her heart with the world. Because ever since the brain stroke, she has the ability to channel melodies and lyrics in sessions and performances right at the spot.

Together with pianist Michael Odermatt (professionally known as “MiKey”), who has the ability to play the piano intuitively from early childhood through growing up in a dramatic family environment, Dust of Soul have established a natural way of “reading” energy of the room and everyone present and “reflecting” it with music in a vocal-piano performance. Dust of Soul open their events for over a decade now with a channeled music experience.

They came to understand that this is a very powerful way of creating music as it gives people important insights about their soul, encourages them to listen to their heart, and take steps towards healing and growing spiritually. More and more people and even science now comes to the understanding of the importance of vibration and frequency.

For Dust of Soul it is their absolute mission to create “soul songs” for big audiences, groups of people, and individuals in one-on-one sessions, that will support their healing journey and re-align them with their soul’s purpose whenever they need it. Listening to your own “soul song” helps our cells to pick up your own soul’s vibration so you become more aware and discover your highest self. “Living from the soul” creates a whole new experience for everyone

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Alanna Star Shimel


Alanna Starr Shimel embodies a multifaceted identity as a devoted mother and a professional-- weaving her roles as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritualist, Ceremonialist and Sacred Song Carrier. She integrates various healing modalities and wisdom to guide transformative journeys and community gatherings. With honors from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, she's certified in Red Tent facilitation, Past-Life Regression, Handwriting Analysis, and Emotional Freedom Technique. Alanna has a background in public relations, brand ambassadorship, hospitality, event planning, product placement and branding. She is also the creative force behind EarthDNA Forever Art Collection, expressing her reverence for the natural world and preserving Mother Earth's beauty. She makes wreaths, ornaments and other forms of art. She explores self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment through her YouTube channel and has been featured on podcasts and shows. Visit for more on her transformative work and spiritual education. Handles: @earthdna @starrlanna @enlightenista


Vera Ostrova

Vera is a professional vocalist, musician, certified sound meditation designer and a certified clinical hypnotherapist.


She blends together guided meditation, hypnosis, breath-work, crystal bowls, tuning forks, gong, drums, guitar, piano and singing to create a multi-sensory journey into the subconscious. The experience she creates will bring your body and mind into homeostasis from where you can access your natural healing state. Be prepared to relax, remove blocks, doubts, fears and enter into the angelic realms of peace and calm. Vera weaves a beautiful tapestry of sound-healing, shamanic practices, medicine music, kirtan and her own songs that will envelop and elevate your spirits.


Kassidy Marley

Kassidy Marley captivates audiences with her enchanting and heartfelt dance performances, each graceful movement weaving a tale of beauty, passion, and divine expression.


As a mystic and medicine woman, she brings a wealth of expertise in intuitive healing, shamanic energy practices, feminine embodiment coaching, creative movement artistry, floral design, massage, and bodywork, offering a seamless blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary approaches.


Kassidy’s commitment to personal growth, extensive global studies, and conscious intention imbue every aspect of her work, whether guiding individuals through healing sessions, women’s circles, or crafting transformative self-care products. Her greatest joy lies in witnessing the profound transformations of those she serves, guiding them towards self-love, empowerment, and the embodiment of their unique and powerful existence.


Nicole Jackson

Nicole Jackson, who also goes by Earthereal Muse, is a Creatrix, Poetess, Performer, Ordained Wedding Officiant, and Pagan Priestess devoted to bridging the divide between human and divine through Creative Expression, Ceremony, and the empowerment of others to discover & embody their own unique soul path.


Nicole has been holding Ceremonies to honor the sabbat seasons for 4 years, and is expanding her Priestess offerings into retreats, festivals & events, weddings, and private 1:1 sessions.


Through her offerings, she aims to encourage the remembrance of our universal connection to the Earth that lives within each human heart. It is an invitation to explore the relationship we have to our surroundings, which can be honored by the simplest of acknowledgements or the grandest of celebrations. Our connection to Mother Nature is inherent, and when we follow her cycles and seasons, we can explore how her external landscape mirrors our internal landscape. This is the core passion, purpose, and path of Earthereal Muse.


Asa Anderson

Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter 


Asa grew up on a vineyard in Napa Valley, and showed an aptitude for music at an early age.  He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays bass, drums, piano, saxophone and guitar.


Asa studied jazz at the University of Southern California and his bands have performed at the Sundance Film Festival as well as numerous famous LA clubs including The Hotel Cafe, The El Rey and The Troubadour.


His music has earned placements on NBC, ABC and the Hallmark Channel.


Asa is currently studying Spiritual and Depth Psychology and recently found a passion for song circles and group singing.  As a healer, he believes in the transformative power of music and creative expression.


Durian Songbird

Durian Songbird brings the music out of anyone who delights in classic songs revived and imbibed in a rollicking choir that takes you higher with his ancient yet modern Greek lyre.

He will be offering beautiful songs performed on his lute 


Maleki Sani

I was born in Iran. My singing journey started at the age of 11, and when I was 23, my journey as a soloist and chorister in a Turkish classical music choir in Turkey for 3 years took on a professional face. 


Singing was always with me, it became my best, vocal friend. There were times when I didn’t have money for my rent or food, but I never hesitated to give the last of my money to singing lessons. I sang at a festival for the first time in Marmaris Bonjuk Bay in 2019 (October 25-27), and in 2023 (September 16-17) I sang in an improvised way in Farsi at the Bhakti Festival in California, Joshua Tree. These continued to be stages where my evolving musical expressions found resonance.


I continue to sing in America. I never thought that my singing in Farsi would attract so much attention in America today. Art has brought me closer to reading and knowing myself more deeply. I want everyone to experience this pleasure. This is an incredible method of creating happiness and maintaining health. Singing is even used as a treatment method for many diseases. In order to serve the spiritual and physical health of myself and others, I create singing circles and invite everyone to sing. Everyone deserves to love their own voices. No education system taught us this.



Tina Sani

My musical journey began through intuition, not bound by convention. I attune to divine

healing, crafting a harmonic melody with the handpan as I align the sounds in a free, expensive way. I am happy to be accompanying my sister Mahdieh Maleki 

Trusting in Divine Channeling heals!


Aroutin Alexandry

Aroutin Alexandry, known to many as ARRO, is a dedicated Mindfulness Coach and a beacon of transformation in the realm of meditation and holistic healing. Since discovering the profound benefits of meditation and yoga at 17, ARRO has embarked on a life-changing journey, culminating in a formal 500-hour certification in yoga and meditation instruction during the 2020 lockdowns.


ARRO's approach to mindfulness is deeply rooted in the belief in the power of self, the interconnectedness of all beings, and the journey of remembering our true essence. He advocates for meditation as a tool for stress reduction, self-awareness enhancement, and spiritual growth, aiming to bring harmony to the mind, body, and soul.


Specializing in mental, physical, and spiritual rebirth, ARRO guides individuals through a transformative process, leading them to a space of infinite possibilities. His personal journey, marked by overcoming intense challenges and achieving a state of gratitude and oneness, inspires his teachings.


 ARRO will serve as a Mindfulness Coach, creating a space for participants to connect with their supreme selves. His guided meditations will focus on releasing emotional burdens, grounding with the Earth, and aligning with higher energies. Attendees can anticipate a profound experience of release, expansion, and ascension to their highest potential.


For those seeking further guidance or personal sessions, ARRO is available via Instagram:

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