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Le Petite Crystal

Founded by Katie and Deborah, who are on a mission to empower, inspire and support well-being through the unique gifts of crystals and gemstones.

 Wellbeing comes in all forms of mind, body and spirit. And Le Petite Crystal's founders believe the best place to start that journey is with Mother Nature.

Proud L.A. based women owned business. Visit the website for online store and more info!


Amy Martin

Amy Martin is the creator of Starseed Circle, which is not just jewelry, it's healing medicine! When Amy creates each piece, she channels energy from her sources and works directly with the crystals. Most of the crystals she has hand-picked herself, cut, and polished. This is where it starts. Then Amy creates a crystal grid that aligns with her 3rd eye activation crowns and pendants. Each piece finds it's own home, which is the soul who sees it.


The energy of each piece works like a magnet, and each piece pulls out the healing elements needed for the wearer.


Amy uses polymer clay to hand sculpt the settings for the crystals, beading, and chain work. Each piece is one of a kind and will not be replicated. Starseed Circle crowns and necklaces are wearable magical art with healing properties! Each person finds and resonates with the piece they should choose.... as if by magic!


Lisbeth Sereza

Lisbeth is a self-taught visionary-artist based in LA and originally from Peru. 

She loves painting in oil, creating digital art, writing songs, singing, playing the guitar, making music videos, creating talisman-jewelry designs, designing conscious-fashion and motivational speaking as her way to thank our divine creator for each day of life. 


Since a very early age, Lisbeth has had vivid visions of other worlds and dimensions. And it wasn’t until later in life that she felt the urge to paint them. As a musician, she also began to write songs based on her art and is currently working on recording her next album with songs based on her paintings. 


Lisbeth also enjoys drinking living water from the fountain of youth and she would be happy to share more when you visit her live art presentation at the

Mystical Winterfest event.

PHOTO-2023-12-05-19-35-41 copy.jpg

Gustavo de la Torre
Dream Bear Healing
Massage Therapy & Bod

Gustavo de la Torre, also known as DreamBear, has been doing body work for 20 years.


Gustavo devoted his more recent years to his next level of mastery combining energy work with the Rice Release Method, Acupressure and Myofascial Release to clear unhealthy patterns in the nervous system, connective tissues, joints and muscle fibers.

His presence and ability to hold a safe and scared space makes him an invaluable asset to the conscious community.

For private bookings, or to schedule your bodywork session during the Mystical Winterfest event, please contact Gustavo directly.


Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 7.40.52 PM.png

Sunnitude Art
Donna Ibelli
Digital Artist


Donna Ibelli is a multi-media artist, specializing in photo-manipulation, surrealism and digital collage styles.


She brings her art to life in augmented reality by implementing 2D and 3D animations.


She creates art that stretches the imagination in order to break through limiting beliefs and plant new possibilities in the subconscious mind.

Donna will be offering custom photoshoots and digital designs for your holiday cards during the Mystical Winterfest event.

Visit her booth to get your holiday photos taken, as well as to experience her unique

art on display.


Arcana Apothecary

Luna, the Founder of Arcana Apothecary, is an indigenous medicine woman of the Arawak Nation, and the eldest ordained daughter of Taita Carlos Juan Jose Benitez-Guzman, a retired Priest, Shaman

and Santero.


Luna has been following the path of sacred and ancestral medicine since early childhood under the tutelage of her parents, tribal elders and spiritual mentors who instilled in her a strong faith, understanding and reverence for the traditional healing modalities which have been passed down through her lineage for countless generations.


Luna resides in

Los Angeles, where she honors the beautiful and enigmatic culture of her people through ethnobotany, herbalism and sacred ceremonial gatherings

and retreats.

Luna's beautiful product line includes organic teas, tinctures, sacred superfoods and wholistic body care. 

Her beautiful apothecary offerings including organic cacao, hand-crafted teas & tisanes, tinctures, sacred superfoods, hand-wrapped sage and wholistic body care will be available for purchase in the vendor marketplace during Mystical Winterfest.




Shezza Sheryl

Shezza Sheryl has given thousands of readings and blown people away with her powerful insights into their life. She begins readings by calling our higher selves into our bodies, and into the space. Her clients then choose cards, and Shezza allows exactly the messages that want to come through for the highest alignment of ourselves, our relations, and all beings on the planet to be channeled through her.


Her readings are sure

to inspire and nourish

the soul.

Shezza is also the author

of The Sexy New Earth, Creating a Better World Through Self Love and

Sexual Aliveness.

She will be offering

readings at the

Mystical Winterfest event.

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With over 15 years of creating, vending at festivals, styling and runway shows, Foxy has begun and championed the up cycling trend.


One of a kind items such as stylish hats and Holiday items are found in her workshop and at select shows throughout the year.


Also available to re-style your already existing fashions, you can contact Foxy, the founder/creator of Re:finery via Instagram:


Gnsis Jewelry

Every piece is unique, hand-crafted and full of love!

Leslie founded Gnsis, an exclusive collection of handcrafted jewelry offering a unique take on traditional beadwork. Each piece is a testament to the skill and dedication embedded into its unique design.

Handcrafted Jewelry From Medellin, Colombia Impacting lives with each purchase. Shop with a purpose, live with purpose!

Our jewelry goes beyond being a mere accessory – it's a celebration of artistry and individuality. With a diverse range of unique creations suitable for any special occasion, our brand brings you pieces that stand out. 

Immerse yourself in the artistry of our talented artisans, shaping each Gnsis creation with passion and expertise.


Private Parties
IMG_1425 2.heic

Backwoods by Candlelight

Hand-crafted soy wax candles with wooden wicks. Natural scents ranging from earthy to ethereal, fruity to sultry.

Backwoods By Candlelight is a creation that comes from
generations of handcrafters and farmers. 
Developing discerning taste without forgetting where we come from is our signature.


We believe that luxury, health and sustainability are


These values along with our love for candles, home and
creating special moments are the essence behind why we started our brand and the resulting quality is evident in each hand-crafted candle we create.

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 6.44.04 PM.png

Shia Skin
Plant-Based Skincare

For those who are open to natural products but not sure where to begin, Shia Skin Care is the natural skin care brand that nourishes and moisturizes your skin just the way nature intended and simplifies your self-care routine with high-quality and highly effective products to keep you looking and feeling your best.


Shia Skin Care uses only the gentlest & most natural ingredients to create homemade herbal infusions and unique blends of oils combining milks and butters that are perfect for your skin.


If you have always wanted soft skin that glows with health and natural beauty, then be sure to visit our booth at the Mystical Winterfest where we'll be happy to introduce you to truly natural, carefully crafted, and effective ingredients.  Take back control of your skincare, with Shia Skin.

 -Be comfortable in your skin


Wild Acai

Estevan Diaz is a placed-based chef and the Founder of Wild Acai.

He's on a mission to help protect, preserve and regenerate the planet.

He's passionate about helping people reverse disease with healing and nourishing foods.

Estevan will be offering beautiful açaí bowls at the Autumn Equinox Festival, topped with wholesome superfood ingredients.

All of the ingredients are fair-trade and certified organic.




Sacred Decadence

Decadent raw vegan pies and cakes, made with love by Chef Leela Maya.

Accepting special orders for the holidays!

Come visit Sacred Decadence for a slice of pie to enjoy during the event.



Organic Coconut Water

They said it couldn't be done. They said you can't freeze a fresh coconut without it cracking.

Well, Cocobear accepted the challenge ⎯ and totally nailed it. With Cocobear™, the whole world can enjoy the just-picked taste of the tropics.


The proprietary Coco Below Zero™ freezing process locks in freshness at -20℃ so that each famously sweet Nam Hom coconut is as delicious and nutritious as the day it was hand-picked and polished in Thailand.

Fresh, unprocessed coconuts contain 3–4x the level of certain key nutrients when compared to bottled coconut water. Cocobear keeps the coconut in the coconut so you get all the goods.

Grab your ice-cold Cocobear coconuts at Mystical Winterfest.

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 7.03.33 PM.png

Chef Joseph Waller
Good Chefs

From childhood, my Grandpa Joe introduced me to slow-braised octopus and homemade fresh pastas, a healthy wholesome contrast to my fast-food childhood. This ignited my passion for food! Life's twists and turns led me to a fine dining kitchen at 15, I honed my skills, setting the stage for my culinary journey…

Over 28 years, shaped through achieving a culinary Bachelor’s degree, I've evolved from seven course tastings for two to elaborate banquets for 1200 people in the jungle! I now offer a thriving, balanced, nutritious and tasty meal service in LA, a tribute to my Granpa’s legacy and the power of incremental change with loyal love as the main ingredient.

“dalla mia cucina alla tua”

Sincerely your chef, 
Joseph JW

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