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Divine and Alive Tantra Festival

Saturday, June 15th from 1-9pm. at Flow Life Sanctuary 2536 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

Join us at the Divine and Alive Tantra Festival for a blissful day of connection and transformation! Step into a sacred space where love radiates through every movement, every breath, and every embrace.


Get ready to unleash your wildest desires and embrace the magic of life at the Divine & Alive Tantra Fest! This isn’t just an event; it’s a transformational journey where lovemaking transcends the bedroom and flows into every corner of your existence. 


THIS IS NOT JUST FOR COUPLES... this is for anyone who wants to live life fully and passionately where all beings merge into THE BELOVED. "Tantra" means "woven together" so we are embracing our dual nature as physical (sensual = having 5 senses) & spiritual (being Divine precious souls) who have the privilege of being alive right now. THAT is what we are celebrating this Saturday... the joy of being DIVINE & ALIVE! 


Through workshops, dances, and soulful connections, you’ll discover how to live passionately from your core, embodying the goodness that radiate pure joy and love.


Join us at the Divine & Alive Tantra Fest and experience the ecstasy of living fully, feeling deeply, and loving fiercely. 


Are you ready to ride the wave of passion and dive into a life of unbounded joy? Come, let’s dance with life, and deeply connect with other courageous and wild souls.

Experience a delightful array of mini-workshops led by experts in neo-tantra and classical Tantra, guiding you to explore the depths of self-love, energy work, and partnership. Immerse yourself in a world of holistic offerings from our vendors, designed to elevate your spiritual journey and ignite your inner light.

Make heart-to-heart connections throughout the day, celebrating the beauty of human connection and the joy of being fully present in your physical form. Embrace the power of setting and honoring your boundaries as you journey toward self-discovery and growth in a supportive and loving environment.

As day turns to night, come together in a spirit of celebration, gratitude, and unity as we dance and shake it all out on the dance floor. Revel in the magic of life, feeling the essence of love pulsating through every interaction and shared moment.

This is a day to ignite your spark, deepen your connections, and bask in the beauty of your own divine presence.

The Divine and Alive Tantra Festival beckons you to embrace love, embodiment, and connection in a way that uplifts and empowers your soul. Let us create a day of transformation, joy, and profound connection as we dance together in the radiant light of love and unity.


Tickets are $111 per person.  * USE PROMO CODE "DIVINE" for $30 off tickets good through 6/13.

ignite your passion


Doors open 12:30 pm


1:00 pm Welcome & Opening Circle

2:00 pm - "Divine & Alive Connection 

Ceremony" with Shezza Sheryl

3:00 pm - "Return to Innocence" Presentation & Guided Meditation led by She-She

4:00 pm -"Embodiment & Stretching- Harness Your Sexual Energy" with Frances Eve'

4:30 pm -  "Sacred Sexual Connection to all Aspects of Life through Tantra" with Leah Zahner

5:00 pm - “Goddess Dance Activation” led by Aluna Lua 

5:30 pm "Pleasure + Purpose = Power" with Jenny Bee

5:55 - Light Language Sound Healing with Amy Martin

6:05 - 6:20 pm - Poetry, Music & Dance with Eartheral Muse & David Bergeaud

6:20 - Original Song by Lisbeth Sereza

6:25 - Original Song by She-She O'Donnell 

6:30 pm -  Break

7:00 pm - "Chakra Flow Dance Party" led by Lisa Custard with Magick Mike on drums 

7:45 pm - DJ Rochelle Vincente Von K

8:45 pm - Closing Circle


Meet Shezza Sheryl

Shezza Sheryl is a Tantra Teacher, Energy Orgasm Practitioner, and Intuitive Therapist. She has a passion for helping people to love all parts of themselves and find freedom within. She combines the spiritual and the sexy in an innovative and fun way that helps people connect to their inner joy, find more pleasure in their bodies, and have a more fulfilling connection. She is co-founder of GASM, a new paradigm erotic media company.  She is also the author of The Sexy New Earth, Creating a Better World Through Self Love and Sexual Aliveness.

At Tantra Fest, Shezza will be leading the Divine and Alive Connection Ceremony. In this ceremonial celebration we will first connect with and shower ourselves with love and appreciation. Then we will connect with and honor others through heart opening practices. This will be a time to bless each other as precious Souls in human form.

Meet She-She O'Donnell

She-She is a Life & Relationship Coach and Angel Intuitive with over 20 years of experience. She is also a seasoned event producer and founder of LA Conscious Events.

After a series of synchronistic events where the Universe guided her in 2001, she moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to deepen her intuitive abilities and to share her music. From a young age she always had what felt like gifts from God and just an innate “knowing” and being able to hear angels whispering in her ear the important things that people she loved needed to hear, that helped take away their stress and fear and bring them back into a space of peace, love, and connection with God. . It is truly a deep joy she feels in being able to assist people in this way. To be able to facilitate divine guidance for people brings her at least as much joy and peace as her thousands of clients from all over the world are also experiencing after their readings or coaching sessions with her.

Stay tuned for her new podcast, "Psychic Insights with Angel She-She, which will be launching soon on Spotify and everywhere podcasts are seen. 

She will be leading a presentation and guided meditation at Divine and Alive Tantra Fest entitled, "Return to Innocence".

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Meet Frances Eve

Frances Eve is the founder of Holistretch. She is a holistic health and wellness coach and bodyworker and teaches resistance stretching on Youtube to help people fully embody their sense of self and feel free by becoming flexible, strong and self empowered.


In this class, we will step into the sacred realm of the body, where movement is not just physical but a dance of divine alignment. You will be guided through a transformative journey through resistance stretching where we unlock the gates of the sacral chakra by transcending limitations and energetic blocks through flexibility and strength by  merging with our divine true essence underneath patterns that no longer serve us in this lifetime. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and liberation, where every stretch is a prayer and every breath is a dance of surrender.

Meet Leah Zahner

After several years of intensive Tantra training and immersion, Leah Zahner was certified in Ipsalu Kriya Tantra by pioneer international tantra teacher Bodhi Avinasha in 1996. She taught workshops and retreats in Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Toronto. She  became the correspondence course mentor to Ipsalu students worldwide.

In 2008 she created  Evolutionary Tantra. Evolutionary Tantra is a platform for personal pleasure and freedom in conjunction with planetary evolution and embodied ascension.  The goal of this form of Tantra is to create harmony, equality and wholeness: within the self, between the sexes, races, and members  of all gender orientations;  so a new social paradigm rooted in accountability, spiritual awakening, compassion  and contribution, can emerge.

She will be leading a presentation on the topic of "Sacred Sexual Connection to all Aspects of Life through Tantra".

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Meet Lisa Custard

Lisa is an actress, dancer and vibrant facilitator of medicine through full embodiment!  She will lead us all into her unique Chakra Flow Dance where she'll weave the resonance of Tibetan Singing Bowls into the rhythm, while rose petals delicately cascade through the air, accompanying her movements with a unique instrument called the tamtar.

With her background as a back up dancer for J Lo, Rick James and Soul Train, Lisa is the perfect facilitator to guide this powerful and transformative dance experience that promises to liberate any stagnant energy within, from the root to the crown chakra, fostering a profound connection among all participants. Your soul will surely rejoice as you release all that holds you back!

Meet Jenny Bee

A beacon of transformation and empowerment in spiritual exploration, Jenny Bee is a certified Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, Oracle Intuitive, and Transformational Retreat Leader. She creates sacred spaces for individuals to explore their Deepest Knowing and embark on transformative journeys. With a background in ceremonial magic and extensive training in transformational guidance, Jenny specializes in curating empowering retreats and healing ceremonies. She passionately advocates for pleasure as a Divine guide to full embodiment, fostering authentic connections and supporting a pleasure-positive way of being.

She will be leading a presentation on the topic of "Pleasure + Purpose = Power at Divine and Alive Tantra Fest

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Meet Rochelle Vincente Von K

Rochelle Vincente Von K, an Austrian/Australian vocalist and music producer, is a member of the electronic duo Product.01 and is forging her own path in dream pop. She's collaborated with a range of artists, including Ursula 1000, Dr Luke, and Bassnectar, and her music has supported major brands like Asics and featured in Eli Roth's movie "Hostel."


Having performed live for over 40,000 people, Rochelle has toured with artists like Freeland and The Lightening Seeds, sharing stages with Fatboy Slim and Wilson Pickett, among others. She's been featured on platforms like Radio One, MTV, and at events like London Fashion Week.


Her recent singles have been shortlisted for Grammy nominations, and she's currently rolling out a new wave of self-produced electronica, starting with her latest release, ‘Mr. Magnificent’. Visit her at

She will be playing a set at Divine and Alive Tantra Fest.

Meet Aluna Lua


Aluna Lua is the co-founder and CMO of the multimedia company Ascension Arts. She works as a performing artist, speaker, creative director, business mentor and expert ceremony guide.

Lua is a medicine woman from Brazil and was raised as a classical dancer in the country of Sao Paulo. After decades of training in multiple modalities of solo dancing and theater, Lua now lives in Los Angeles and serves her community as a ceremonial vocalist, partner dance instructor, graphic designer and psychedelic integration coach.

As a successful entrepreneur, Lua has developed a passion in teaching business for Brazilian Zouk instructors, music recording for ceremonial musicians and branding for visionary creatives.

She has supported hundreds of artists and healers to develop their business and generate sustainable wealth while creating beautiful art in the world.

She will be leading a Goddess Activation Dance this Saturday!

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Included with your ticket purchase:

~ Inspiring Speakers and Interactive Workshops

~ DJ

~ Guided Meditation

~ Stretching & Embodiment

~ Chakra Flow Dance Party

Available for purchase at the event:

Plant-Based Cuisine, Crystals, Sculptures, Fine Art Paintings, Prints, Tarot Readings, Jewelry and more...

We are delighted to have Chef Joseph of Good Chefs providing some gorgeous vegan cuisine at Divine & Alive Tantra Fest!


 Main Options;

 Fresh pressed farmer's  Veggie Paninis on fresh baked Ciabatta 


 Raw Veggie Pad Thai with young thai coco noodles and a dynamic sauce trio! 



 Peach  nectarine live style parfait cobbler 

topped by vanilla saffron clusters 



 Watermelon wedge with spicy cilantro  sauce 


 Dried Banana Golden Mulberry Crunch clusters







for making our first year a MASSIVE SUCCESS with 700+ attendees! Here are some memories...

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